Weekend update!

I am at my moms and we took her out (for the first time since her surgery) she did really well, and enjoyed getting back out in the world. We took her out to eat and then to pick up some yarn so she will have something to do, as it will be a few more days before she will get to go home. But she really is doing great!

I received an email from my friend about the event we were trying to get a few things ready for the last few days. It was a Chili Tasting/ Auction/ Craft event and she said they sold some of the items we made and she was happy and got some really good feed back.

Here are some pictures below of a few more of the items we made. (Now we can slow down a little bit. LOL! )

Visors for the little girls and you must notice the one on the right has a button!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea and my 4 year old could help decorate. Thanks.

The Crafting Nut said...

Yes this would be a fun craft for a four year old.

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