Store on CafePress

Hi Everyone,
I was surfing around today and found a site called CafePress, I had forgotten all about them.
Anyway I decided that since I really didn’t have anything to sell on my site that I would set up a store there.
And I am sharing the information with you in case you might be interested in setting up a store of your own. (By the way I am not being compensated for sharing this info with you.)  :-)
I am not recommening them, I am just telling you about an idea I am trying.
You know as a crafter I am loving to be able to create products to sell on there and the best part is no inventory!
And as always I love your feedback so leave me a comment!
CLICK HERE if you want to check out the store!


Mel said...

Oh man - I have an account at cafe press, I forgot all about it! LOL Guess I better decide to do something with it... thanks for reminding me! Now I'm off to check yours out...

The Crafting Nut said...

Hi Mel,
Great to hear from you! I had forgotten about them too.I even had to sign up for a new account. LOL!
But I thought what the heck cant hurt anything.

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