So while we wait for my crafting idea from the post below! (And oh my what a project it has been!)

I thought I would upload some more button pictures. Today I have more brown sewing buttons. As I sort through my buttons I can’t believe my eyes at some of the treasures I find (they are to me, like art to an artist.) Anyway I will quit babbling and upload the pictures for you.

So stay tuned to see my long awaited project. I hope to have it ready soon!

Are you here reading my blog? Don’t be shy and leave me a message. This is a lot of work so at least let me know someone is enjoying it.

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Crafting ideas from the Crafting Nut!

Crafting with beads, antique-vintage sewing buttons, fabric, lace, ribbon, or embroidery design whatever you can think of the sky truly is the limit!