No Laughing!!!!!

Ok I already admitted that I don’t crochet and I know a lot of you that are seeing this are great at it. So please don’t laugh at my little bear he is for a good cause.

And if any of you are interested in doing one to donate or just make one for a child you know the information for The Mother Bear Project can be found by CLICKING HERE!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

WOW, very cute! I think it turned out great. You should have seen my first one. It was so scary, I was afraid it would give the kidos nightmares! This looks great! What a wonderful thing for a "little one," sick and alone to be shown God's love. Thank you for making him.

The Crafting Nut said...

Thanks for the complement. I guess the little ones won’t know if I missed a stitch or two.
I did make another one and one and I think my mom is doing another one also. I was really surprised at how fast they are to make.

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