Sewing button collage red


Ok it took some time to get my pictures together so I decided to do a collage of some of my red buttons. Hope you enjoy!
Keep checking back for more pictures soon!

Collecting Sewing Buttons is addictive!

I have been rambeling through years of buttons for two days now and have not put a dent in them trying to get them in some sort of order so I can take pictures for you to see. So bare with me and check back as I am working very hard to share them with you.

New ideas for Sewing buttons comming soon!

As I am snowed in today and rambling around the house, I think I will sort through my sewing buttons and see what I can come up with.
I love collecting sewing buttons, it really is an addiction! and you can do so many things with them.
So stay tuned while I sort through my buttons!

Update for those of you that read all that has been going on with my mother and her fall.
I can't believe it has been over a week! Well she had surgery and is doing well, she has to have a lot of therapy so she won't be able to go home for awhile her spirits are good and if I could figure out how to get her quilting frame in her room I know she would be a lot happier :~)

Thanks 4 your prayers.

Crafting Nut is on the road today!

Good Morning!

Hope someone is here reading my blog. (Don’t be shy and leave me a comment!)

It is a beautiful sunny morning here and I am packing up to go see my mom as you know from the post below she is in the hospital.

I am trying to decide what to take to her flowers or her quilting frame; well we know which she would prefer! THE QUILTING FRAME! :~) But I guess the flowers will be the winner.

I also have to pack myself some cuddle duds; it is soooo coooold in that hospital!

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at her quilt pictures and I know when I tell her I wrote about her on my blog it will make her happy. You know sometimes it's the little things in life that make us smile!


Crafty Quilts

Ok I am back! It is getting late here so before I go to dream land I thought I should go ahead and post some of my moms work here and tomorrow when I go see her I can tell her that I put them on the blog and it will make her happy! :~)
Wish me luck on posting them  (all I have to do now is find out where I have saved the pictures, you know sometimes the computer monster hides them from me!!!)

So I found them!
This is one that she made for me and I love it!

     Wedding Ring Quilt
Here is another she calls it Butterfly’s and Diamonds, she actually hand stitched aroundall the designs by hand TWICE! Now that is a crafter loving her work.She takes great pride in her quits. Visit The Quilting Nut Click Here:

Butterfly and Diamonds  Quilt                                                                                          

Ok one more before LIGHTS OUT!

This one speaks for its self. And my cousin is the proud owner of this one she is a rooster nut. Visit The Quilting Nut Here:

So I hope you are here and enjoying the blog and I have to say


Dog Crafts I have made.

So here it is Friday and no post from me since Wednesday, I had all intensions of posting more crafting pictures as I had promised, and Ring! Ring! Hello. It was my mom calling, she fell and broke her leg so I had to leave and meet her at the hospital. She really did a number on her leg (broke it on the inside and on the outside) so she is still in the hospital as I am writing this. Looks like she will be having surgery on Monday. So if anyone is reading this please say some prayers for her.

My mother is a lot like the rest of us (very creative and crafty) and loves to Quilt I hope to post some of her work on this blog.

Anyway I am going to hush up now and try and upload some pictures.

 Here are some Pictures of dog items I have made.
 (I told you I am all over the place. LOL!)
Blue dog coat , Red dog dress (could make this little red dress for Valentines day) or just make your little furry friend a new dog bone toy.    

Have a GREAT CRAFTING WEEKEND! And feel free to leave us a message.

Crafting Nut title is for a reason!

So why am I called the Crafting Nut? Because I have a little bit of the ocd personality so I am all over the place and always trying new challenges. So I hope to post more of the things I have done in the past. (Hopefully sometime today) maybe you could send me some of your ideas for us to try here on this blog. As for now I have to go to the work for a few hours so check back later and hopefully I will have more pictures for you to get ideas from. Have a great day! It is a sunny beautiful day here where I live! :~)
Crafting-with-Beads-Buttons-or whatever crafty thing you can think of, the sky truly is the limit!

Crafting ideas from the Crafting Nut!

Crafting with beads, antique-vintage sewing buttons, fabric, lace, ribbon, or embroidery design whatever you can think of the sky truly is the limit!