Hello my Crafting Friends!

Just wanted to give an update to those of you have been here for awhile and know about my moms fall.

Well after a total of two months in the hospital/rehab she is finely home safe and sound and doing remarkably well, she has really been a trooper through all of this and she can’t say enough good things the people at the Golden Living Center where she stayed for her rehab.
So I picked her up yesterday and she will be very busy catching up on her life and of course her blog that she had just started when all of this happened and I must add a plug for her here ;-) The Quilting Nut is her blog and hopefully after she gets caught up on everything else she can get back to her blogging.If you would like to visit her blog. Click Here to go there now and see some of her quilts. Or if you would like to go there later there is a link to the right of my blog.

I thought we would need something to do that don't require a lot of walking so I brought some of my buttons that need to be sorted for us to go through (If we find the time.) and will post some pictures for you if we find something interesting to share.
Thank you for reading the blog and have a wonderful weekend! It sure is a beautiful day here!

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