Here is another John Deere Project from the past!

A John Deere Tooth Fairy Pillow, a good craft idea for the little boys!

I always feel like it is harder to come up with craft ideas for the little guys. But this one was a big hit for me.
And hopefully you will enjoy the idea and the little guy will have a John Deere of his own. ;-)

Do you have any little boy craft ideas? 


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Mel said...

Gosh - it's too bad you don't have any tractor-shaped buttons!!! These pillows are just adorable... I've seen something similar, but never even thought to make some up for my kiddos as they lost their teeth!!

The Crafting Nut said...

Hey Mel,
Thanks, you got me to thinking I made a jean purse a couple of years ago and I think the girl I made it for brought me a John Deer Button. If I can find the picture of the purse I will post it on here. And Gosh - you know I would love to have that button in my collection! ;-)

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