John Deere Purse with a John Deere Button

Spring always reminds me of the John Deere crafts so while the husband is getting his John Deere ready for mowing.

Why not make yourself a John Deere Purse with a John Deere Button and some cut off blue jeans.

In reply to a comment earlier from ( Mel ) about having a John Deere button for the tooth fairy pillow.

I did find a picture of the purse I was talking about and it does have a John Deere button on it. And you all know I really would love to have that button in my collection.
I may just have to go on another button hunt! ;-)

John Deere Purse

    Oh my Gosh! If I could only get my hands on more of the pretty little John Deere buttons!

Here is another John Deere Project from the past!

A John Deere Tooth Fairy Pillow, a good craft idea for the little boys!

I always feel like it is harder to come up with craft ideas for the little guys. But this one was a big hit for me.
And hopefully you will enjoy the idea and the little guy will have a John Deere of his own. ;-)

Do you have any little boy craft ideas? 


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Tonight’s Craft is for kids.

So I was trying to decide on a craft for tonight and thought well I have not had anything for kids in awhile.
So I decided to upload some tooth fairy pillows, they have a pocket to leave the tooth and a little poem for the Tooth Fairy.
When she takes the tooth and reads the poem she in return will leave a gift for the little one. And once again you must notice they both have sewing buttons on them! ;-)


Crafting ideas from the Crafting Nut!

Crafting with beads, antique-vintage sewing buttons, fabric, lace, ribbon, or embroidery design whatever you can think of the sky truly is the limit!