So here is my long awaited Craft Project.

Hello to whoever is returning to look at my project. (The Cameo I was telling you about.)

I don’t know how she looks to you but to me she is special. I think the main reason it took me so long was because she is very small.

I have decided to put her on a sewing button, and I think maybe I will then attach her on a ring base. So now my finished craft project has turned out to be a Cameo ring.

Well here she is! And as always COMMENTS ARE GRAETLY APPRECIATED!

Cameo made with clay.                                                                                               

Cameo attached to a sewing button.


Mel said...

Well I think she turned out just lovely! How small is she?

The Crafting Nut said...

Hi Mel,
Thank you for your complement.
Always good to know someone is here reading. ;-) (THANKS!)
The answer to your question on her size; She is ½ cm wide by 1 ½ cm tall she really is small.

Mel said...

Small but lovely!!

The Crafting Nut said...

Thank you Mel.

Anonymous said...


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