Here are some hairbow ideas for you to make.

Hi All,
I am late getting my pictures together tonight. (I am having trouble with my CD drive.)

Oh well something else for me to work on! LOL!

So our craft for tonight is hair bows. And I know you can find some red ribbon to make them with so that cute little girl of yours can have a bow in her hair for Valentines Day.

I have even made them to use as hair bows on my furry little friends. (See  more pics below.)

If any of you would like directions to make them just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


The Whole Truth said...

Love, love, love the ideas for hair bows. Do you have any that you have done that are larger with a big bow and then curled ribbon? I've seen a lot of gymnasts and cheerleaders where them.

Kathy said...

In reply to the post above.
I am sure if we put our ideas together we could come up with what you have in mind.

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