Oh my Gosh! Talk about Crafting. I have found the BEST WEBSITE!

I have always loved a hat on a little one.
And here are some of the best I have seen! You must take a take a look at her site.She has some of the cutest baby hats I have seen.
The one with the little ears is my favorite, Which one is your favorite?

Go check out her site!
The Crafty Tortoise Click Here!


Mommy Tyme said...

Love your blog! I tweeted it for you... Found you on Crafty tortoise! Feel free to post your items or thoughts on my blog with a link back (so readers will check back to yours...) http://mommysreviewsyoucanuse.blogspot.com I have a new series called Pursuit of handmade- when Ipost a topic, post your item and the link that matches the theme! Readers and facebook fans then can find you!

The Whole Truth said...

WOW- these are CRAZY CUTE! I absolutely love the giraffe baby hat. (Can I get in adult size? LOL).

Kathy said...

Thank You, Mommy Thyme. I will look into your blog and hopefully other readers here will do the same.
I will also tweet you. It is good that we all can help each other out.

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