Dog Crafts I have made.

So here it is Friday and no post from me since Wednesday, I had all intensions of posting more crafting pictures as I had promised, and Ring! Ring! Hello. It was my mom calling, she fell and broke her leg so I had to leave and meet her at the hospital. She really did a number on her leg (broke it on the inside and on the outside) so she is still in the hospital as I am writing this. Looks like she will be having surgery on Monday. So if anyone is reading this please say some prayers for her.

My mother is a lot like the rest of us (very creative and crafty) and loves to Quilt I hope to post some of her work on this blog.

Anyway I am going to hush up now and try and upload some pictures.

 Here are some Pictures of dog items I have made.
 (I told you I am all over the place. LOL!)
Blue dog coat , Red dog dress (could make this little red dress for Valentines day) or just make your little furry friend a new dog bone toy.    

Have a GREAT CRAFTING WEEKEND! And feel free to leave us a message.

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