Crafting Nut is on the road today!

Good Morning!

Hope someone is here reading my blog. (Don’t be shy and leave me a comment!)

It is a beautiful sunny morning here and I am packing up to go see my mom as you know from the post below she is in the hospital.

I am trying to decide what to take to her flowers or her quilting frame; well we know which she would prefer! THE QUILTING FRAME! :~) But I guess the flowers will be the winner.

I also have to pack myself some cuddle duds; it is soooo coooold in that hospital!

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at her quilt pictures and I know when I tell her I wrote about her on my blog it will make her happy. You know sometimes it's the little things in life that make us smile!



The Whole Truth said...

We are praying for you both! Wow, I just love your Mom's quilts. Wish she would teach classes! How much is she selling them for?

The Crafting Nut said...

Thanks for your prayers. She is doing Great!
She sells them for different prices, in my opinion very reasonable for the time spent on them, I guess when you really love what you do it's not about the money.

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