Crafty Quilts

Ok I am back! It is getting late here so before I go to dream land I thought I should go ahead and post some of my moms work here and tomorrow when I go see her I can tell her that I put them on the blog and it will make her happy! :~)
Wish me luck on posting them  (all I have to do now is find out where I have saved the pictures, you know sometimes the computer monster hides them from me!!!)

So I found them!
This is one that she made for me and I love it!

     Wedding Ring Quilt
Here is another she calls it Butterfly’s and Diamonds, she actually hand stitched aroundall the designs by hand TWICE! Now that is a crafter loving her work.She takes great pride in her quits. Visit The Quilting Nut Click Here:

Butterfly and Diamonds  Quilt                                                                                          

Ok one more before LIGHTS OUT!

This one speaks for its self. And my cousin is the proud owner of this one she is a rooster nut. Visit The Quilting Nut Here:

So I hope you are here and enjoying the blog and I have to say



Mel said...

I wish I had the patience to quilt - I just love quilts!! Your mom's work is exquisite! I've got her in my prayers, and I hope she's healing up well...

The Crafting Nut said...

Thanks Mel I will tell her what you said and it will put a smile on her face. :-)

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