New ideas for Sewing buttons comming soon!

As I am snowed in today and rambling around the house, I think I will sort through my sewing buttons and see what I can come up with.
I love collecting sewing buttons, it really is an addiction! and you can do so many things with them.
So stay tuned while I sort through my buttons!

Update for those of you that read all that has been going on with my mother and her fall.
I can't believe it has been over a week! Well she had surgery and is doing well, she has to have a lot of therapy so she won't be able to go home for awhile her spirits are good and if I could figure out how to get her quilting frame in her room I know she would be a lot happier :~)

Thanks 4 your prayers.

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Crafting ideas from the Crafting Nut!

Crafting with beads, antique-vintage sewing buttons, fabric, lace, ribbon, or embroidery design whatever you can think of the sky truly is the limit!