I have been working on the deck chair and don’t even ask how it is going like I said in my last post I think I may have opened up a large can of worms! But I haven’t given up on it!

Anyway today the hubby and I tilled and weeded our garden and bought some plants to put in. I can’t wait for the first fresh tomato. YUM!

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend it is a beautiful one here!


The Whole Truth said...

Ok, where is the picture of the deck chair? Would love to see the before, during and after of this project.

The Crafting Nut said...

What chair LMAO! Ok cut me a little slack! I have been in the garden all day again today. No time for the chair (that chair that I am about over) anyway the chair I am working on had vinyl straps on it and I wanted to change it to a solid cover and it is not cooperating. I can’t decide whether I want to throw it away or chop it up. New deck furniture may be going on our list.

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