Handmade table

So spring is here and I will be spending more time outside doing flowers and our garden so this crafting blog may just turn into a crafting, flower and garden blog. However I am going to do my best to keep the blog rolling.

So for today I am going to give you a new crafting idea it is a wooden table I made a few years back. It is not hard to make if you can find someone to cut the wood cut for you. (I do have access to my husband’s wonderful tools for that.)
Before you start you should have an idea of what size you want the table to be and the kind of wood you prefer (mine is oak) and the size is 46” W x 17” D and 30 ½ Tall.
Here is a list of the supplies you will need: You will need your wood for the top and side skirts, trim wood to trim the top and 4 legs (They sell the legs already cut.) and you will also need small nails, wood glue and hardware to attach the legs and then you will need to choose a stainable wood putty and stain of your choice.

Here is the picture of the table. And outside to the yard I go!

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