Handmade Purse-Shoe Bag-Keychain to match

Thanks to an idea from a  wonderful customer!

She wanted a gift for her daughter and ask if I could make her a purse, shoe bag and keychain to match.

Here is an idea from a customer of mine. Listen to them because they can give you some very good ideas! Thanks Ginger!

She wanted a purse, shoe bag and keychain to match.
And it turned out very nice!


Mommy Tyme said...

This is so cool! I hope you enter it in our Purses on Parade at Pursuit of Handmade this month. I will try to get the page set up after I receive a few more entries! check it out at http://mommysreviewsyoucanuse.blogspot.com

Yes, you can add your link anytime!
Mommy tyme

The Crafting Nut said...

Thanks Mommy Tyme.
Anyone reading this should check out her site.

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