John Deere Purse with a John Deere Button

Spring always reminds me of the John Deere crafts so while the husband is getting his John Deere ready for mowing.

Why not make yourself a John Deere Purse with a John Deere Button and some cut off blue jeans.

In reply to a comment earlier from ( Mel ) about having a John Deere button for the tooth fairy pillow.

I did find a picture of the purse I was talking about and it does have a John Deere button on it. And you all know I really would love to have that button in my collection.
I may just have to go on another button hunt! ;-)

John Deere Purse

    Oh my Gosh! If I could only get my hands on more of the pretty little John Deere buttons!


Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Wonder where she found that John Deere button. Mind is going with ideas...... oh no.

Love the handles too, perfect compliment.
Thanks for the idea.

The Crafting Nut said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for your compliment. And yes my mind is ticking away where I could find another little button like that one. (I do love pictorial buttons. ;-)

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