Here is a Valentine craft idea that is a little different.

Just bringing back some Valentine Craft ideas! Enjoy!

Monogrammed Bath Tissue for Valentines Day! 

Someone ask me to do this a few years ago. (Thanks Connie!)

At first I thought NO WAY THAT WILL WORK!

Then I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try and so here I go……..

First I tried to monogram a roll of my own bath tissue. (with no luck!)

Then the challenge was on, so off to the store I go to purchase a roll of the thickest quilted bath tissue I could find and a new pack of sharp sewing needles.

Back to the house and up to my sewing room.

I put the end of the roll of tissue into my monogram hoop.

I put a new sharp needle in my sewing machine.

Thread up my machine with red thread.

Got my design ready and started to sew my monogram. (I thought oh my, is this really going to work!)

After finishing the monogram I rolled the tissue back up and put it in a clear plastic bag, tied a red bow on it and….SHAZAM!

I had just turned out a pretty roll of monogrammed toilet paper.

I showed it to some of my customers and friends and can not believe the orders I have had for monogrammed bath tissue. ( This craft is not limited to Valentines Day.) :~)

Valentine Craft Idea

Valentine Bath Tissue

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The Whole Truth said...

How neat and kind of funny. Had an idea, you could put "over" or "under" if you had someone in your house that never puts it on the holder the right way! Possibilities are endless.

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